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Journal metrics

CiteScore (Scopus)

CiteScore 2022:


(Calculated on 05 May 2023)


CiteScoreTracker 2023:


(Last updated on 05 April 2024 • Updated monthly)


CiteScore Best Quartile:

Q2 (Sociology and Political Science)


CiteScore 2022 counts the number of citations received in 2019-2022 to articles, reviews, conference papers, book chapters and data papers published in 2019-2022, and divides this by the number of publications published in 2019-2022.

CiteScoreTracker 2023 will be continuously updated on a monthly basis until the next annual CiteScore calculation, which is scheduled for spring 2024.

CiteScore Best Quartile indicates the journal's ranking in a Scopus subject category. Quartile 1 (Q1) = 25% of journals with the highest CiteScores.