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Name: Hugo Priemus

Institution/Company: OTB Institute, Delft University of Technology

Position: Emeritus Professor

The Housing Market Reform Agenda: A Review of a Recent Housing Policy Document in the Netherlands

The Dutch Cabinet published its Housing Market Reform Agenda on 17 September 2013. This paper describes the main features of the Agenda and presents an ex-ante evaluation of this policy document. The introduction of a landlord levy is one of the biggest inconsistencies in this Agenda. The Housing Market Reform Agenda is particularly critical of housing associations. There are good reasons to throw away the bath water, but the baby (= the housing association) should be nurtured.

29.1.2014 | Hugo Priemus | Volume: 1 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 9-16 | 10.13060/23362839.2014.1.1.25
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