Although financialization of housing is well known global concept, in our paper we attempt to present how financialization produces new spaces and household practises in a Central Eastern European semi-pheripheral context. We approach this framework through an anthropological investigation, the transformation of allotment gardens what we consider as a combination of social and spatial transformations after the 1990s. In our case study we are curious how different waves of financialization influence the formation of the transformation of an informal housing space and how informal practices of the households could be an agency against financialization.

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Author: Andras Vigvari, Ágnes Gagyi
Document Type: article
ISSN: 2336-2839
Volume: 5
Issue: 2
Pages: 46-55
DOI code: 10.13060/23362839.2018.5.2.442
Date of publication: 5.12.2018

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